Eating for Fertility

I ate mostly vegetarian from childhood (due to a bad reaction to meat when I was young) from my family's organic vegetable garden and developed a taste for fresh seasonal vegetables.

I waitressed for eight years through my education and consequently developed a taste for restaurant food.  Because I couldn't afford to eat out every night to enjoy the exotic meals and flavours I became accustomed to, I used to harass the chefs for their recipes and tips and gradually became a cook-from-scratch kind of girl through trial and error.

When I have a home with decent outdoor space I try to grow my own herbs and veg with varying amounts of success.  I supplement these with a weekly organic fruit and vegetable box from Abel and Cole which costs less than I expected and tastes much better than supermarket produce.

I love the challenge of eating seasonally and creating new dishes from the foods I have available!  In the interests of maximising fertility at my age I attempt to use as many nutrient-rich and fertility-boosting foods as I can, limit meat and dairy and eat about 50% raw when possible.

Regarding my recipes: I am forever reading recipes in magazines and blogs but tend to use them as inspiration, as a starting point for my creation, rather than instructions.  I substitute methods, amounts and ingredients freely depending on what I have on hand and I'm not much of one for measuring ingredients unless I'm baking. So take the recipes as a guideline to figure out your own proportions according to your tastes and what you have on hand.

Be creative!

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